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June 04, 2018


Comparable Companies Analysis Suggests You Should Sell Allegiant Travel Company (NASDAQ: ALGT)

By Andy Pai

Allegiant Travel Company (NASDAQ: ALGT), an industrials business with a market capitalization of $2.5 billion, currently trades at an EBITDA Multiple of 8.9x which is below the sector’s median multiple of 11.6x. Although this makes ALGT look attractive, investors may change their mind after reviewing the assumptions behind the EV / EBITDA ratio. In the post… Keep Reading


Why TELUS Corporation (NYSE: TU) Dividends Should Tempt Investors

By Brian Dentino

TELUS Corporation (NYSE: TU) currently pays a dividend yield of 4.6% which is above the Telecommunication Services sector median of 4.5%. While this makes the total return potential for TELUS Corp look attractive, investors may change their mind when analyzing the company’s future dividends. In this article, I calculate TELUS Corp’s fair value by forecasting its… Keep Reading


What’s Really Driving Caterpillar Inc’s (NYSE: CAT) ROE Of 15%?

By Andy Pai

Caterpillar Inc (NYSE: CAT) generated an above average return on equity of 15.4% over the past twelve months, while the Industrials sector returned 10.6%. Even though Caterpillar’s performance is impressive relative to its peers, it’s useful to understand what’s really driving the company’s healthy ROE and how it’s trending. Understanding these components may change your views… Keep Reading

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